Gymnastics Bars

Gymnastics is a sport that requires power, speed, strength and flexibility. If you want to become a gymnast, you must be prepared to dedicate long hours of training. There are many types of equipment needed for performing gymnastics training including bucks, horses, ropes, springboards, rings, wall bars, climbing frames, benches and so on. Gymnastic bars are used in many exercises, all of which require perfect timing for ideal execution; some exercises include front hip glides and circles. For many people with Olympic dreams, gymnastics is a great sport and an interesting and fun way to get a toned and muscular body. Choosing the best gymnastic bar is among the most concerning issues for people who want to perform gymnastics. The selection for this piece of equipment might vary from one person to another; however, the bottom line is – exercises are nothing without a good and reliable gymnastics bar.

Gymnastics Bars: The Beam Store Mini High Bar with Extension Legs

The convenient and high-quality Beam Store Mini High Bar with extension legs can easily be named as the most adaptive and strongest bar on today’s gymnastics market. It is made of 12 guage 2-inch square tubing and a weighted base for bigger stability. The height of this gymnastics bar can be easily adjusted from 35-inch to 60-inch. With using the spring loaded pop pins, the bar’s telescoping rails can also be adjusted with no difficulties. The pins will not become loose or even worse, lost. These gymnastics bars are 8-inch long and 48-inch wide, with a 1½ inch dia. hardwood rail, and the recommended weight is about 80 lbs. while the maximum limit is about 120 lbs.

Gymnastics Bars: 8-Feet Tan Suede Gymnastics Beam (24-Inch High)

The padding of the 8-feet Tan Suede Gymnastics Beam is very good because it offers a realistic feeling on the feet and the crossing from the training to the competition beam is very easy. This affects the hand grip and gives realistic training experience. This type of gymnastics bars is well known because of the reinforced ends – a feature that greatly extends the bar’s life. The bar is eight feet long; and the top is rubber padded, covered with synthetic suede heavy material which is durable and very easy to clean. The materials offer maximum strength and also prevent twisting and warping. The support braces are 24-inch wide, which means that the beam can be raised to a height of 24-inch.

The Confidence Builder 9-Inch High Balance Beam

The Confidence Builder 9-Inch High Balance Beam offers great balance beam for newbies and first timers. The beam’s top to floor is only 9-inch and these gymnastics bars are made from 12-icnh vertical grain fir and two varnish coats. The work surface is 3½ inch wide, while the total weight of floor brackets and beam is 35 lbs. The selection of material, composition and weight should comprise strength and stability. Choosing the right gymnastics bar consisting of proper width and height is very important to serve great functional aspects. As a result, high-quality manufacturers produce adjustable bars reliable for all gymnasts, regardless of their age.

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