Tumbl Trak Air Pit with Electric Pump, Red, 5-Feet Width x 10-Feet Length x 24-Inch Height

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The Air Pit is the solution to a problem encountered by coaches for years--the stack of mats that have become necessary for teaching vaulting, tumbling, bars, and even beam. The Air Pit has a 4-inch wide line down the top, and numbers for measuring distance. If you flip it over there are depressions about a foot in diameter. These can be used to play in, or as obstacles to jump over! The mat can be used alone for dozens of drills, or it can be the base mat for a higher stack; add 12-inchers, 8-inchers, 4-inchers in any combination to make a tower of mats as high as needed. It is much lighter to move, and thus much more portable than a foam mat or a stack of foam mats!

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